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Dr. Liu Sheng of Zhongji Innolight: Sharing and Mutual Benefit Create Core Competitiveness; Co-construction Improves the Business Environment


On September 5, the 21stChina Optoelectronics International Expo was officially opened. Global optical module leader Suzhou Innolight showcased the industry-leading 400G QSFP-DD series of high-speed optical communication modules and high-speed optical modules that will serve the next generation of wireless networks including the 400G QSFP-DD FR4, 400G QSFP-DD SR8, and 100G SFP-DD AOC.

The editor of interviewed Dr. Liu Sheng, the founder and general manager of Zhongji Innolight, who remarked that demand has fluctuated recently in the optical module industry, mainly because some customers are in the process of inventory adjustment. However, some customers had a large purchase demand. With the complete adjustment of the market, the company believes that the market will show better visibility in the second half of this year or the first half of next year.

As an industry leader, Zhongji Innolight focuses on the research and development, design, and manufacturing of optical modules. The company has market-leading foresight in the industry, engages in early deployment to develop patented technologies and products, and is at the forefront of launching products that the market needs. Dr. Sheng explained that the core competitive strength of Zhongji Innolight comes from its close cooperation with top suppliers, coupled with a forward-looking investment layout, and working with the industry chain to create a better business environment. "Our concept has not changed. The company has always adhered to an open mentality and philosophy which seeks mutual benefit. Optical module companies do not need to integrate all the links, which helps Zhongji Innolight to quickly launch the most cutting-edge products on the market," said Dr. Liu Sheng.

Through cooperation with upstream companies and forward-looking investments, Suzhou Innolight, together with world-class device chip vendors, can take the lead in developing the latest products in the market. This approach ensures the company's ability to rapidly deliver products and reduce the environment impacts. As a result, a large number of products continue to be exported to the North American data center market. China's data center market experienced relatively rapid growth last year. This year was mainly the adjustment period after the previous wave of procurement. It is expected that the entire industry will resume growth next year.

The commercial promotion of 5G is of great benefit to the optical communications industry. Zhongji Innolight has expanded from the data communications market to the telecommunications market. The 100G technology lineup provides the company with many advantages in developing products for new markets, such as fronthaul and midhaul products. Zhongji Innolight has completed product preparations for the full range of 5G fronthaul and midhaul optical modules, and played a very important role in the first wave of 5G optical module procurement this year, becoming a mainstream 5G optical module vendor for major domestic equipment manufacturers. Dr. Liu Sheng said that Zhongji Innolight has passed the 5G threshold and that the company will continue to strengthen cost quality control and mass production delivery capabilities in larger-scale 5G commercial construction trends over the next year and continue to serve the telecommunications market.

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