InnoLight Collaborates with Marvell on the Launch of 800G ZR/ZR+ Optical Modules for Data Center Interconnects


SAN DIEGO, March 25, 2024 -- Recent surge of regenerative AI demand is driving high growth of cloud data center traffic, heightening the requirements for bandwidth in data center interconnection and optical transmission networks. The InnoLight 800G ZR/ZR+ coherent optical modules can be directly inserted into IP switches for IPoDWDM-based DCI deployments. The launch of these solutions helps reduce the network complexity of DCI by elimination of traditional transponders equipment, therefore increasing the network reliability with high-capacity transmission, and reducing system power consumption and costs.


The InnoLight 800G ZR/ZR+ optical modules use the Marvell Orion coherent DSP, the industry's first 800Gbps coherent DSP for small form factor pluggable modules. The DSP, along with InnoLight's silicon photonic based coherent detection engine, enables outstanding product performance. InnoLight leveraged its silicon photonics technology to launch 140 Gbaud coherent PIC and now has successfully applied them to the company's new 800G coherent optical module.


"800G is the next milestone for DCI and carrier networks and will give service providers the ability to scale rapidly while reducing cost and power per bit," said Samuel Liu, Senior Director, Product Line Management at Marvell. "We're excited to collaborate with InnoLight as one of the industry leaders in expanding the capabilities for pluggable module technology to coherent applications."


"The launch of our 800G ZR OSFP coherent optics product line powered by Marvell's Orion coherent DSP will drive the steady evolution of standards-based small form factor coherent pluggable modules toward higher speeds," said Osa Mok, Chief Marketing Officer, InnoLight. "We will also launch an 800G ZR with high Tx output power up to 3dBm as part of this new product family."


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