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By virtue of safe operation and orderly work and production resumption, all the InnoLight Technology employees will make a concerted effort to win the


In the past year, when confronted with a challenging economic environment, InnoLight Technology has been focusing on R&D and production, and maintained relatively good operation. At the beginning of 2020, in face of the sudden epidemic, all the InnoLight Technology employees upheld the enterprising spirit of "Innovation, Speed, Precision and Teamwork", putting their strength together on production and operation, and to guarantee order is delivered on time, in order to live up to the expectations of all sectors of society.

According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements for enterprises' resumption of work specified by the city and district, after review and approval by relevant departments, InnoLight Technology (Suzhou), and its subsidiary InnoLight Technology (Tongling), officially resumed work on February 10. In order to ensure safe operation and orderly work resumption, InnoLight Technology has taken various measures to strive for equal emphasis on production and epidemic prevention.

Master Overall Situation & Perform General Management
From the outbreak of the epidemic, InnoLight Technology immediately set up an emergency command team for epidemic prevention and control, leading all InnoLight Technology employees to start fighting the epidemic. The command team for epidemic prevention and control paid close attention to the course of the epidemic and the government measures, and at the same time, in combination with the characteristics of the company's production and operation, formulated detailed plans for epidemic prevention and work resumption, making detailed regulations on the factory management, personnel management, conference management, dining management, shuttle bus management and publicity management, etc. In addition, the team prepared the Prevention and Control Guidelines for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia for the employees of the company, realized people-oriented management, considered all matters whether important or trivial, and gave everyone the confidence to work together to fight the "epidemic".

Strengthen Factory Control & Guarantee Stable Production
Before resuming work, InnoLight Technology conducted a number of investigations and screening on the health and location of employees to determine who can resume work. From the day of resumption, the company set up a temperature measuring station and registration desk at the entrance of the company. Employees were required to wear a gauze mask and queue to measure body temperature. Due to the particularity of high-end precision manufacturing, employees in different posts wore different protective equipment, ensuring that production would not be affected.
In addition, in the factory area, the movement of personnel was reduced by closing the diffusion door, dining at different times, setting up separation walls while dinning, reducing the number of people at smoking area at one time, and allowing some people to work remotely, to ensure the safety and stability of the factory to the maximum extent.

Conduct Health Monitoring & Optimize Office Mode
In order to ensure safe operation and production, InnoLight Technology established a health registry for each employee, adopted the "one person, one form" system and daily reporting mechanism to accurately grasp the employee's physical condition, and report and isolate employees as soon as health abnormalities are found. After the resumption of work, the company optimized the office mode, and also kept proper personnel spacing in the office area, reduced the frequency of centralized meetings, controlled the meeting duration, and avoided group activities.

Ensure Logistics and Safeguard & Take Meticulous Care and Attention
In order to provide a safe and hygienic office environment, all office spaces in the company were uniformly equipped with gauze masks, disinfectants, disinfecting hand sanitizers and other epidemic prevention and control supplies. Besides, the company set up some special garbage cans for waste masks, and sanitizes the office areas and production areas twice a day. On the eve of the resumption, the Production Safety Department cleaned and disinfected all air conditioners and fresh air filters in one day.

Make Timely Announcements & Maintain Effective Interaction
Since the “measures to control the epidemic" were put in place, InnoLight Technology employees can get almost all relevant information from various channels of the company. The command team for epidemic prevention and control continuously gives out the relevant prevention and control knowledge through the company's official WeChat account, email, OA, etc., and carries out policy publicity and employee information collection at the first available time, to ensure that the employees understand the epidemic situation in a timely manner, make judgments about travel and self-isolation, return to their posts rationally and safely, and improve their "fighting capacity".

It was precisely because of the above-mentioned measures, on the first day of work resumption on 2020,

we showed no panic and behaved without hesitation.

As a matter of fact, all InnoLighters are working together to beat the epidemic!

Only in times of great disaster can we know how to cherish what we have.

Furthermore, we have to dedicate ourselves to society and others in our promising years,

and contribute our strength!

InnoLight Technology and all employees will insist on equal emphasis on resumption of work and epidemic prevention, move steadfastly forward,

and wait for the blossoms and news of victory in the spring!

We are always fully confident of a promising future.
All wonderful things worth the wait!

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