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InnoLight Technology (Suzhou) was established in April 2008,founded by American venture capitalists and a team of PhDs。Adhering to the concept of "innovation lights our future", InnoLight is committed to the field of photoelectric communication, applying optical technology to the intelligent age of Internet of everything, and building a world-class high-speed optical interconnection integrated solution provider based in China.

The global economy has opened the door to 5G and cloud computing. As the core component of modern communications, the market for optical transceivers will affect the world's most advanced technologies and the future of the global digital economy. For InnoLight Technology, that means an unprecedented opportunity for development.

Driven by technology and guided by the market, employees at InnoLight Technology operate with a mindset of "Innovation, Speed, Precision and Teamwork". They are in tune with the model of global optical communication enterprises, starting as China's leading optical communication enterprise.

National Intelligence  Hardware Elite
With the integration of R&D, design, packaging, testing and sales of high-end optical communication transceivers, InnoLight provides 40G/100G/200G/400G /800G high-speed optical transceivers for cloud data center customers. It also provides telecommunication equipment companies with 5G front-haul, middle-haul and back-haul optical transceivers, as well as high-end complete optical transceiver solutions for metropolitan area network, backbone network and core network. Its global competitiveness is increasingly evident in core technology fields such as optical packaging technology, high-speed circuit design, automatic manufacturing and testing capability systems.

As of Oct. 2021, InnoLight Technology, with "innovation" as a key core value of its corporate culture, owned 137 authorized patents, including 77 invention patents, 23 overseas authorizations.

InnoLight Technology has been honored with high-tech Enterprise Certification, a first prize for Municipal Science and Technology and a third prize for Provincial Science and Technology Progress. The company's entrepreneurial team won the provincial-level title of "innovative team", and is supported by industry authorities such as the National Torch Plan, the Provincial Special Fund for the Transformation of Major Achievements, the Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Electricity Development Fund of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

These accolades demonstrate InnoLight Technology's research and development strengths and national wisdom, exemplifying a model enterprise of photoelectric communication in China and around the world.

Market Supremacy  Successful Listing
The optical transceiver products independently developed by InnoLight Technology are high-speed, large-capacity, miniaturized, low-power, and low-cost, far ahead of similar products around the world. The products are widely applied by the world's top three data center operators, first-class equipment manufacturers and leading system integrators in North America, Europe and Asia.

In July 2017, InnoLight Technology entered the capital markets after listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange after asset restructuring (stock abbreviation: ZhongJi InnoLight, stock code: 300308).

Talent-driven Leading Concept
Its talent-oriented strategy is the foundation of InnoLight Technology and the continuous driving force of its rapid development.

InnoLight Technology was established in Industrial Park, Suzhou in April 2008. Its start-up team included famous venture capitalists and overseas returnees from the US, as well as outstanding technical and marketing personnel at home and abroad. From the outset, the company has been committed to combining the advanced technology and operations seen in Silicon Valley with China's excellent talent and broader market, positioning itself as building world-class products in China. Through unremitting efforts and solid work, the company has gradually built up four core competitiveness features in its products: leading technology, mass production capacity, quality assurance and scale advantages." It has established its own brand, realizing the dream of starting a business.

Innovation, Speed, Precision and Teamwork: InnoLight Technology’s Corporate Culture. This is not only the basis of its achievements today, but also the development concept that encourages employees at InnoLight Technology to develop and innovate all the way.

Good Vision Steady Progress
InnoLight Technology has three advantages: advanced patented products, capital and talents.

In the era of 5G and cloud computing, opportunities and challenges coexist. InnoLight Technology will continue exploring the market for 5G telecom and data communication to consolidate product advantages in the cloud data field. At the same time, InnoLight Technology will train and manage excellent upstream suppliers through business cooperation and capital operation to reduce procurement costs and enhance market competitiveness for the company's products.

In addition, InnoLight Technology will also focus on industrial planning to integrate industrial resources and scale up business development. For this reason, the company has set up a professional team to conduct in-depth research in the fields of optical communication industries, such as lidar and high-end consumer electronics, to expand new growth points of revenue and create wealth for shareholders and investors.

InnoLight Technology has already planned ahead in the face of the new technology era and is marching towards becoming a model for national enterprises

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