CapitalG, (formerly Google Capital), is the late-stage growth venture capital fund financed by Alphabet Inc., and based in San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2013, it focuses on larger, growth stage technology companies, and invests for profit rather than strategically for Google. In addition to capital investment, CapitalG's approach includes giving portfolio companies access to Google's people, knowledge, and culture to support the companies' growth and offer them guidance.
Lightspeed China Partners (LCP) is a leading venture capital firm focusing on early-stage investments in Internet, mobile, services and enterprise solution companies in China. With strong backgrounds in company operations and entrepreneurship, the partners of LCP are committed to helping a new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs become industry leaders, build world-class companies and create social impact. In addition, LCP offers international value-added capabilities through its relationship with Lightspeed Venture Partners (LSVP). LSVP is a global venture capital firm managing over $2 billion of committed capital with investment professionals and advisors located in Silicon Valley, India and Israel. Over the past two decades, the partners of LCP and LSVP have backed more than 200 companies globally, many of which have become leaders in their respective markets.
Oriza Holdings, whose predecessor is Suzhou Ventures Group, is an investment holding company, covering equity investment, bond financing and equity investment services. Since its establishment in 2001, Oriza Holdings has trained many management teams of equity investment fund, focusing on different stages and areas of investment. As of June 30, 2013, for a total investment of 204 seeds projects, 61 growing projects and 42 mature projects, completion of 4 mergers and acquisitions investment, 2 financial investment and 33 fund investment, and, 28 companies of the investment projects has listed or will. Oriza Holdings devotes to become the first choice by entrepreneurs, while holding the attitude of growing together with enterprises, combining with a unique investment philosophy, mature investment and financing system.
Co-Win Venture is a pioneer of Oriza Holdings to enter investment field in China with market-oriented mechanism. It focuses on the early stage of scientific and technological projects investment. Currently in Suzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Xi'an Co-Win Venture has funds or branches. Co-Win Venture team has been independently or jointly managed six funds since 2006, the size of the funds is nearly 1 billion RMB. Co-Win Venture concentrates on high-tech projects in the initial stage and growing stage, focusing on investment in the Internet, optoelectronics, chips, equipment, biomedicine, new materials, new energy and other fields.