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New Horizon Charity Foudation

New Horizon Charity Foundation was jointly initiated by several entrepreneurs and caring people who have long been concerned about and supporting rural education. In late 2017, it was officially registered with Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, which rated it as an "AAAA" charitable organization.

We hope to bring together government departments, Think Tank scholars, social forces, and public welfare partners, to take into consideration the characteristics of each region, and fully empower rural teachers, help change the campus teaching environment and restore the life order in different contexts. Through reading support, e-education support, courses with local features, etc., we should try to meet the basic needs of rural children during their study, living, growth and development. Besides, it’s necessary to search for ways of tackling problems of the localized development of rural education. Through the establishment of a quality monitoring system as well as researches on actions, a replicable and sustainable project work mode has taken shape to promote the development of more rural teachers and students.


Endow every rural school child with fair and quality education, and enable them to find their roots, love and future


Be devoted to public welfare, deliver value with specialty, and build a public welfare service platform for rural education with an innovative model


Truth-seeking Pragmatism Care Persistence

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Address: 7th Floor, Building A, Ocean International Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Tel: 13910189461 (Ding Guangquan)

Email: zhenzhang@nhfoundation.org.cn

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